Dream Arena Men’s Basketball

Dream Arena will be starting a new sunday men’s league which starts this weekend 09/07/2014 and will be taking teams until 09/24/2014 which will be the deadline to get into the league.

We will be offering a Gold and Silver Men’s League which will be taking place every Sunday with games at 1, 2, 3, & 4. Registration fee for the league is $160 and $30 a game for ref fees. To get onto schedule you will have to leave a $100 deposit and pay the rest of your registration fee by your second game. We also require player ids which cost $5. These ids will make sure you are registered onto a team. ID’s can be requested before a game starts and any player that does not have one will not be allowed to play until they acquire one. If you have any question contact Jason Castillo at 915-626-9021 or at 915-771-6620.